Welcome to The Community Care Lounge

Reimagining healing for Black, Indigenous Women & Non Binary People of Color through community care

About Us

The Community Care Lounge is a members only online community for BIPOC on their healing and wellness journey. 

Curated by BIPOC practitioners to be an add-on to your individual mental & emotional healing work regardless of your chosen method of healing.  

While this community is run by mental health and healing practitioners, this group is NOT a replacement for a 1on1 relationship with a licensed mental health practitioner.

Our Values

We believe in incorporating all parts of a person into the healing process.  For us, this doesn't just mean mind, body and soul but also community.  We do not subscribe to the Western, white-washed system of healing that only happens in 1-on-1 sessions.  So much of our pain comes from feeling alone, isolated, ashamed and invalidated in our experience but this does not have to be the case!

African and Indigenous communities have been healing in community for decades through song, dance, circle, ritual, etc because they understand the healing that happens in healthy connection with others. The Community Care Lounge is here to carry on these practices. You are not alone in your journey, come experience the elevation of community care!

Join us if...

  • You currently work with a practitioner and are looking for additional support and accountability between your therapy, reiki, acupuncture or other healing sessions
  • You're unable to engage in formal healing sessions with a practitioner but want to learn and gain support as you navigate healing alone
  • You want to work with a healing practitioner but haven't found one or aren't sure what type of healing you'd like to explore
  • You have closed out your sessions with a practitioner/Are taking a break from formal healing sessions and want support to maintain the work you have done


Community Offerings

  • Healing tools (downloadable worksheets, tips, journal prompts, free resources, exploration questions) from BIPOC mental health and healing practitioners
  • Community check-ins
  • Event and Workshop Replays
  • Energy healing sessions & circles
  • Discounts on energy healing services
  • Early access to healing workshops/events (Virtual & in LA)